Wednesday, 1 July 2015


I recently took part in the Social History Society Conference at Portsmouth University. My poster presentation title: 'Selling Stork:  Text and Illustration and the discourse of consumerism and product culture in the cookbooks of the Stork Cookery Service in the post-rationing era' was an overview of my current research into The Stork Cookery Service. The poster had two main focuses. Firstly it investigated the titles that were introduced to consumers under the banner of the 'Stork Wives Club' which was established following the re-introduction of margarine in 1954. It also examined the diversity of these titles in an increasingly consumerist society and the illustrations that accompanied them. With some housewives learning to cook during rationing restrictions, they required re-education in the use of ingredients such as sugar and fat. The series consisted of over 15 booklets with titles including 'Stork's Tour of Britain's Cooking,  'Feeding the Family' and 'Around the Shows with Stork'. 
Secondly, the poster also included analysis of the dialogue between employee, employer and consumer in publications, which was instrumental in understanding the development of the brand. 

The poster was well received, and the experience gave me the opportunity to meet other Post Graduate students within a similar field.

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